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New Financial Facilities on Blockchain

When the blockchain is no longer a technology but a platform, what is needed is an experienced team to conduct you. The Eland Fintech blockchain team not only has experience in cross-chain and underlying-chain construction, but also has professor-level financial experts to serve you for achieving blockchain finance.



Asset tokenization

A digital asset management platform activating your assets, real estate, and bonds to make your asset operations more flexible and profitable.

Technical consulting

Provide commercial applications, security consulting and software design services over the blockchain; solve your various questions about the blockchain, and assists in the in-depth analysis of blockchain applications from aspects of market analysis, technology applications and legal issues.

Blockchain solutions

Transform your ideas or projects into blockchain applications for integrating existing businesses and processes as well as building highly reliable system operation; help increase collaboration efficiency to eliminate redundant intermediaries, and create disruptive new business models.

System integration

Provides existing systems integrated with blockchain. When fully automated with the blockchain, consistency can be enforced during the execution process, disputes are resolved, and accountability as well as transparency throughout the process are strengthen, so that more accurate decisions are made through information.

Alliance node establishment

Helps set up, deploy, and manage scalable blockchains, making node services an easy, manageable, and extensible service without relying on expensive research costs. You can join our existing alliance nodes to quickly establish a reliable and efficient blockchain service.

Business process smart contract

Plan the existing system processes and provide how to use the smart contracts on blockchain to achieve legal, fair and trusted processes, allowing the blockchain to help resolve disputes quickly and transparently.


Transaction mechanism on multi-parties agreement verification

Transaction behavior in real world is multi-parties agreement contractual behavior, and we provide a solution for multi-parties agreement transaction verification on the blockchain to meet real-world business transactions.

Double-entry bookkeeping ledger on blockchain

In traditional accounting, the debit-credit balance mechanism of double-entry bookkeeping can effectively prevent the occurrence of errors, Which is the accounting standard used by real business. Using double-entry accounting in the blockchain can help engage with traditional financial transactions and improve reliability.

Contract with substantial legal effect

Create a new legitimate and efficient process through legal process of multi-parties agreement transactions combined with digital electronic signatures.

Transaction verification on blockchain

Provide transaction verification framework, which can define transaction logic according to business situation. Unqualified transactions can be excluded and effective management of transactions on chain can be achieved.

A remedying measure capable of retrieving the property when losing private key

The existing blockchain has no effective solution for the loss of private key. Our service provides a mechanism to completely transform the existing property to the new wallet to solve related problems.

Provide test environment for alliance nodes

Provide a ready-made blockchain environment and related SDKs to experience performing various business processes and smart contract development applications in the alliance.

Digital asset issuance platform

Provide a trusted and legally efficient process to assist in transforming any entity-related financial products into digital assets for a variety of assignments.

Solutions for transaction of cross-chain

Patent strategy

Patented Blockchain-Based Transaction System features spirit of mutual agreement

Blockchain creates reliability that is derived from algorithms, however rather than computer code people believe in the real legal system. We see this and thereby provide a protocol communication system that makes transactions or contracts recorded on blockchains are completed after signed by multiple parties concerned. This protocol communication system allows untrusted parties to reach an agreement and let the blockchain perform and record, so that the current law can intervene in arbitration. This protocol communication system eliminates the trust gap between human institutions and blockchain technology. In this way, we can not only enjoy the trust cost reduction by blockchain, but also control the development of practical aspects, meeting the needs of real governance outside the blockchain system.

Patented Blockchain-Based Transaction System compatible with rules of debit and credit

Daybook manner recording in blockchain is inconsistent with the double-entry bookkeeping used by the actual accounting rules. Using an independent third party to translate any transaction into form of double-entry bookkeeping and recording it on the blockchain, this is our unique way to solve the above barriers. We provide a protocol communication system, after the parties concerned approve the same transaction behavior through this protocol communication system, the system creates several associated transaction items based on the debit-credit rule and records them on the blockchain in real-time. In our approach, the blockchain has traces of double-entry bookkeeping and it can be restored via the protocol communication system, together with the blockchain’s open, real-time record and immutable features, allowing future real finance to connect with blockchain as an application means, and simplifying the audit process greatly.

Patented Blockchain-Based Transaction System capable of remedying private key loss

(Patented Blockchain-Based Transaction System capable of remedying private key loss)

If the private key is lost in the blockchain, it is equal to lose the ability of claiming assets therein, and there is no way to solve the problem of asset recovery. We provide a special solution where users can get a prepared new private key and new account address via their personal identification, furthermore zeroing and freezing the assets of the old account, while letting the new account have assets equal to the value zeroed. To some extent, we make users to regain the ability of claiming their rights on the blockchain with their own ID, and this remedy process is quite similar to the current practice in the real society.



ElanDEX Digital Asset Transaction Platform

Launched by the BTCARD Digital Asset Exchange, the ElanDEX App allows users to easily manage digital assets, and know digital asset dynamic well anytime, anywhere, so that you can easily manage digital assets.

Long Bay Financial Scheme: Real Estate Bond Trust Fund

Zheng Heng Co., LTD is a well-operating, financially sound enterprise. Wherein occupancy rate of commercial street in Long Bay is nearly 100%, bringing stable rental income. The interest of beneficiary securities on the real estate asset trust is 4.x%, higher than the interest on financial products on the market. Through the issuance of the beneficiary securities, the real estate will be changed into an “approachable” investment, which will achieve the purpose of activating and expanding the real estate market.

Business Brand

We are always looking for the right partner to provide the best service to our customers. Our current partners include top Hong Kong private equity firms, BTCARD financial advisors, and other supply chain financial platforms. And we keep looking for other quality partners, to create a more efficient business model.

About Us

The Eland fintech Inc is a tech developing house and blockchain patents licensing provider. 

Established in 2017, Eland fintech blockchain financial technology is committed to promoting on chain global digital assets, and to providing customers with a full range of quality services and brand commitment. Our hope is to make digital assets on chain easier to trade, more conveniently to operate, and more widely used.

In the middle of 2018, in order to react to the current trend of customers and the market, the Eland fintech team has been developing the technologies that facilitate the digital asset buit-in traditional Double-Entry rule, hoping to meet customers’ demand for faster and more economical transaction.


  • LongBay Development Fund - A major tourism construction project in Cambodia, to which we provide its shop street a feasible fundraising platform to combine traditional and digital financial planning.
  • We developed a trading platform based on Stellar.
  • Our system is embedded with self-built HEIX Chain (hidden private Chain)
  • We own several blockchain patents. (HEX/HEIX)
  • In the first half of 2019, we cooperated with multinational institutions such as BTCARD corporation and private equity team of Zhongyuan construction group to launch the digital asset issuance project for real estate trust fund, which is worth nearly $100 million.

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